Rs 40,000 a month for comfortable life?

Recently talked to two people First person is a PhD from TISS, an institution that was in proximity to IIT Bombay. She said she can lead a comfortable life for about Rs 40,000 a month. She has 2 dependents too.

Next I talked to somebody from KFI, Chennai. He has a family too, and he said one can live on 40,000 a month comfortably.

What is going on? I get a pension that is much more. Am I really comfortable.

Before Corvid era, I traveled by AC 1, AC 2, or executive or even economy in chair cars of super fast trains. I was comfortable and didn’t miss a thing. I am guilty of carbon prints, but have used planes very frequently, though thought of reducing its usage. About 2-4 thousand, equal to AC 2 tier fares. Because I can afford it but won’t mind using second class during winters.

Hotels? – normally get decent hotels – 2 to 4 star ranges for about 2- 4 thousands. Have lived in cheaper hotels too – in Leh rs 500 a night, same in Srinagar, one can get very decent hotels for 1,000 a night. Have stayed in some slight expensive places too – Grand Oberai in Kolkata, Fern Residency at Powai, Renaissance at Bangalore, and some 5-stars at Channai. About 5-7 thousands. But they are rarity. I have never stayed at Taj near Colaba, though stayed at the hotel just behind it. Slept well.

Eat vegetarian (vegan) food, cook myself and don’t own a car. Apartment has 2 rooms, which is more than sufficient.

Can manage very comfortably in Rs 40,000. It’s actually less now. And it includes house rent. Why do people complain?

Not leading a NRI-life though, but I don’t need that.

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