Reservation system

A classmate from IIT Bombay wrote a letter to a US based university admissions officer. That he was from a Brahmin family and they put great emphasis on higher education in his family. I don’t know whether he got admission there, but he got admission somewhere in the USA.

Then the actor Ben Kingsley in the movie Learn to Drive mentions that he was a college professor in India but had to leave India and move to New York to be a – a taxi driver. I think it was after Indira Gandhi’s case. There was a young person with him, hiding in his apartment, apparently from the US Immigration services.

We Indians are a very unhappy lot, dissatisfied with all the injustices suffered. Then we seek out charity.

I am pretty sure when US accepts refugees from Syria to USA, a large number of them are Indians, pretending to be Syrians.

If I mention that the minimum wages in San Francisco was about $17 an hour, more than Rs 1,000, many people will open their cell phones, and start calculating. And contact their foreign agents to find ways to reach there.

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