Rehana Ghadially

She taught Industrial Psychology. I took both the sections. And I would say I still remember many of the things she taught decades ago.

She was mesmerizing. There was a group of students who were fond of her. I didn’t belong to that, but she was the only IIT instructor I took a reference letter when I applied to US university.

Unlike others at IIT who mostly put to sleep me immediately, she kept me awake the entire time of her lectures.

She had a small problem though. She believed in statistics. I remember once a fellow student went to her with a grading issue. He had obtained a 80 and got a B. He argued and argued but to no avail. She took out her calculator and told him 80.5 was one SD below the top A grade. All scores in that range, 100 to 80.5 got an A but 80, that was only good for a B.

He failed.

But considering everything, she deserves an A+ from me. Thanks.

Rehana Ghadially, IIT Bombay
Rehana Ghadially (IIT Bombay) at Wake Forest

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