Races in America

When I went to study in America (Mexican hate this term used for the USA, will try to use USA when possible) I was aware that racism played a part in the USA history.

In 1984 I got a job at Univ of Tennessee at Martin.

One day thought of having a beer at a bar. There was a nice looking bar on the main street. I went in. The bartender was a student of mine. I smiled and ordered for a beer. He looked confused. He went inside and brought another person, with him.

He told me that you are a professor and we will serve you beer this time. But we require a membership to avail of our services. And it required signature and letters from two respected members of the society. He gave me the forms. And I looked around. There were only whites around.

All very nice and civilized as was the norm in the South. I finished the beer. Went out and searched around. There was a bar, where only blacks were going in and out. Went there, people looked a little surprised, sat there, and could see people staring at me.

Had beer. The music they were playing was totally different from what I was used to listening. None of the usual top ten songs. It was a completely different and strange selection. Surprising I felt more relaxed and welcome there.

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