QUAD – Hunter and the hunted

A story I read while at IIT popped up on mind recently. It was in Alfred Hitchcock’s Best Short Stories (selected by him, written by others). A poor man by invited to a hunting party organized by his rich neighbor. He went there, there were his neighbor’s rich friends, it seemed like he was the only poor man there.

Soon it dawned on him that he was the hunt.

In real life he didn’t have a chance to survive but it was a fictional story. I don’t remember the ending.

QUAD has three rich countries – United States, Japan, Australia, ad one poor – that is India. Indian politicians ad defense forces seem to smitten by the idea of playing with shiny, hi-tech weapons, mine-is-the-biggest ones types.

And Indian politicians and defense forces must be getting so much respect. And let’s not forget Modi’s dream of making India technological progressive society. Japan will send Bullet trains, USA and Japan will send a few assembly lines and factories, just enough to keep India’s dreams alive.

China is really scared. India is ready. Radio stations have a plan to play Lata Mangeshkar’s Aye Mere ke logo non-stop, fathers are checking the casualty amounts, there is excitement in the air.

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