Police don’t come to Santa Ana

Next to beautiful city of Irvine, was the city of Santa Ana.

While I was driving, all of a sudden the roads will turn rough, I would know that I had strayed in Santa Ana.

It was all brown faces there. Mexicans perhaps. Indian browns were different and they were found near little Indias.

One day, when coming from Berkeley, on my big rented car, I happened to pass through the city of Santa Ana.

One driver hit my car, dented it, and vanished. Normally white people don’t vanish, they come to you, exchange phone numbers, talk about insurance companies, but this guy just vanished. Now I realize that perhaps he didn’t have the papers to stay in the country.

I called the cops. They didn’t show up for hours. Finally I called them in disgust when they finally arrived after several hours. I felt so unsafe there. All those brown faces staring at me.

Much later was living in Berkeley. Was living in a house owned by a young white girl.

One day when I came back from work, there were cops all over. About 8-10. What was the matter? The girl explained to me that when she came back she found the lock in a strange position and deduced that the house was broken in and immediately called the cops. And they were waiting and all came to rescue the white girl.

White girls from middle classes are safe in Berkeley. Or elsewhere.

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