Difficult to observe things as they really are. I am not discussing some philosophy. Just simple day to day principles. Some objects change their shapes if they know they under observation. Try to take a group photo, everybody takes a pose they think will make them as they want to. Photographers know it.

German lady was talking to Americans and by mistake Americans kept the mike on. The lady could hear everything said about her, and it was an embarrassing international event.

Classmate K.Raguram of IISc when he was in the USA, had his quests retire to their room and after some time he could start hearing everything said about him. It was embarrassing.

During the interview phase with Mitsubishi from their acts and words it became known to me that they wanted to know my green card status. I didn’t volunteer that information. In Japan they started harassing me, sometimes very much. Later it became clear to me they would have behaved nicely if they knew I had a green card. In Japan they can treat Indians as badly as they wanted, as they so with Chinese and Koreans, in case of Indians with Green Card, they had to treated like Americans meaning like Caucasians, totally different. Since my goal was to know how Japan treats Indians I succeed but the low level of Indians government, totally subservient to Japan, will not make anything happen in retaliation. I have about 10-15 years left, whatever happens after that. The way India is played by Japan, things don’t look good for India. I don’t worry too much about India. They will soon meet its destiny in about 20-25 years, If India is vaporized by Japan’s afforts, I will considered to be Karma or foolishness. Casanova, whose dire warnings everybody ignored, her birth seems to be repeating. Indians dying in crores will be sorrowful but not a surprise. Remember Japan is hated by everyone except in India. It must be because we are so brilliant blessed by Gods.