Oakland to ebay – no car

Got a temporary job at ebay. Used to live near Oakland Sutter Hospital, was far, but renting a place in Sunnyvale (?) was not without problems. Location, rent, deposit, term etc had to be decided before renting. So decided to wait and communicated from Oakland where I lived.

My bike was of great help. Early morning, rode my bike from Richmond Ave. near the main road, to Oakland BART station, or nearby Amtrak Station, on days I decided to take the train. Took about 10 minutes on the straight road.

If going by BART, either left my cycle in the Oakland station, perking free in the locker area or took it with me. Left it when the train was crowded. Last stop was Fremont, talks to extend the line was going on in 2010. They must be done by now.

The ticket was about $5, considerably cheaper than the Amtrak which was about $10, cheaper by 10% if bought 10 or more.

At Fremont caught a bus, which was a distance from ebay. Sometimes rode my bike.

By train, the ride by comfortable. There were bicycle parking slot. No stop, straight to San Jose. It was the terminal station. Rode my bike from there.

Entire journey took about 2 hours. Return took another 2 hours.

Used car ride sharing for a few days, but finding people coming from Oakland to ebay was no easy.

The net effect was I remained healthy and have remained low weight since then. Currently am 5’7.5″ (171 cms) and weighed 61-62 kgs recently. In 2017 last I went to UK and USA, weighed about 57-58 kgs. At my peak, when I had just returned from Japan, was above 90 kgs, I think.

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