Nuclear bombs on Japan

It is a shameful history. But we have to remember when Japanese army was plundering China and other neighboring countries, it was being cheered on by the Japanese civilians. Nobody told them to stop.

The brutality of Japanese was unseen. Unit 731 was one where experiments were performed. Suppose the army wanted to test what if exchanged legs of people – chop off their legs and exchange them – that was performed. Very little mention of them. Only when Caucasians were the subjects as POWs world knew about that.

Indian media follows the same standard. When a white guy is caught with drugs all headlines regarding human rights violation. Ignore the Asians and especially blacks, that’s the norm. I was in Oakland and its routine for a minority young – in twenties – to be shot dead – one in every 3 or four days. We got used to that. I used to be extra careful when around cops.

So the Japanese sitting in their homes were cheering all the atrocities committed by their army.

Many Americans try to justice the dropping of A-bombs. They say it was to save lives because Japanese would have fought to death.

It could be because of West’s racist view many Indians think. Japan gets the victim sympathy.

I don’t take side because taking a decision without knowing all the facts is not correct. I read about many cases where a woman killed her husband. Later through news I find out that she was brutally tortured by the husband, which the judge knew later and she was either released or given a light sentence.

So I am not totally against bombing the Japanese cities during the war. Totally cruel, but could have been justifiable from American point of view. I don’t know.

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