No lying about JEE ranks.

How can one lie? If one has done material science from IIT Kharagpur and was interviewed in Chennai, in all probability we all know that his just managed to make it, and we can guess his exact JEE AIR within a few points given the overall distributions.

It means Satya Nadella simply can’t lie about his AIR. He has to be honest and modest. When I see ads telling us to become an ace programmer like Satya Nadella, I can just smile. There is no other way. But GRE is another game. My scores would have been considered to be outstanding in all schools. That’s why I used to put my score on my resume. Just because I went to SIU-C for graduate studies, people shouldn’t make certain assumptions regarding my scores. But for most IITians its a golden opportunity to lie. Who will catch them?

The admissions officers are bound by law not to reveal the test scores.

That’s why JEE ranks are freely discussed but regarding GRE scores in most cases there is a deep silence or lies. Understandable.

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