Netaji and Japan – an introduction

Introduction to Netaji’s Association with Japan:

Netaji arrived from Germany by ship. Japanese army came to the decision that Netaji can play a useful role in propaganda against the British.They made him the head of INA. Netaji didn’t have any fighting background and was physically not in very good shape. He had come to Japan to help him drive out the British from India but instead he was offered a job he was unqualified for and didn’t have any interest in. Japanese used Rash Behari Base to influence him. He became the head of INA. 

Japan didn’t have any interest in the members of the INA. For actual fighting they used their Japanese army, not trusting these ‘losers.’ 

More complete story under ‘Netaji and Japan’, a clickable tab at bottom will take one there. Or seach for Netaji keyword.

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