Need Indian males to impregnate foreign girls

An ad to this effect ran in Bokaro city a few years ago. My chacha who was there reported this to me. It attracted many males, some as old as 80 years old. To help the world by doing their share is not Indian males will shy away from. Later it was revealed to be a prank posting by someone.

When I came to India from the USA, the taxi driver at the airport asked me seriously that was it true that American girls liked Indian boys. I had to make it clear to him – they love guys from Indian subcontinent – but it is the Pakistanis they love, they are fair, and tall. He understood and didn’t argue.Before

I went to the USA, people told me that dark skinned guys are loved there. That pleased me. India all I had heard was “bhangi” or similar used as a derogatory word because of my dark skin. I guess many wondered how I got admission to selective electrical engineer department at IIT Bombay. But IITians are polite. They never publicly accused me of being a bhangi, though some of them had eyes that meant similar.

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