My SBI Saga

My mother had an account at State Bank of India, Danapur. In its locker she had kilos of gold. She held a few shares worth crores, whose dividends were substantial.

She passed away more than 10 years ago. But her account is still active. Dividend checks are deposited regularly in the account by my brother (who too in an IITian from Kharagpur) and cash is withdrawn. The account number was kept hidden from me and so were the share info.

Somehow I found out he account number. It took me ten years.

I went to the Danapur branch early last year. Found out that the account (number 10963086092 ) had a very recent transaction. The clerk was helpful. Then the management stepped in and told me to get lost.

Complaints to seniors were been unfruitful. Wrote to Modi too. If I am patient for 50 years or more than maybe I can claim my share.

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