My road to fitness

My waist was about 29″ when I went to American. After I performed very well in computer science courses, one redneck professor Robert O’Neil started harassing me and I gained weight, waist increasing to about 33″. USA was a constant harassment – they don’t like talented people – and went on increasing. Then I went to Japan was 36″ waist.

Japan was extreme for racial harassment and when I left Japan in 1989, I was about 42″ waist. Totally unfit – physically and mentally.

Decided to work on it.

Joined a gym , ate properly and started working out. Weight went down, then a little up, then down, up and so on. It was a sequence of lowering weights. When I left USA in 2014, my waist was about 32-34″.

After coming back to India, maintained or even lowered my weight. When I went to USA back in 2017, my waist became as low as 28″. Used a body scanner, one that used to go to Google, and it showed by body fat as 16.1%, an excellent value for people my age and even good enough for most simple athletes. Top boxers etc are 5-8% body fat, no I would not do it. I am happy with my 16% body fat.

Came back to India. Worked out in the nearby gym. Yong members used to watch me lift 20kg pair in my palms. Most could not do it.

During the start of Covid, weight went up to 68 kgs, but now it is down to 61-62 kgs, went down to 60 but quickly increased it, almost as good as it was when I was 21 years old. Someday will post a picture of me. Most in my batch have gained weight.

The other day Sanjay Bhargava wrote that his waist is 50″ now, could not believe it, he was so slim. My classmates have gained weight, but are still slimmer than many Americans I saw in the USA. But they are not fit. I kept my fitness until 3 years back, have weights at home, but the Corvid effect is there. Hopefully I will be back to my fitness routine.

The only problem is that India is against workout for elderly people. Elderly people walk, at a gentle pace and it does not do a thing. I went to learn mountrain climbing in Manali and the sign said,” Not for people above 45. Not allowed.”

The other day I was selecting what to eat in Rajdhani, the person sitting next to me had let himself go. He remarked,” You have 15 more years, just eat whatever you want to.” That feeling is very prevalent in India.

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