My last job in America -Indian MIT PhD complains

Partha Saha had a PhD in physics from MIT. He had gotten into IIT but decided to go to MIT. Not rich but managed after going there.

I made friendship with him. Very nice to talk to. Gave me several pieces of advice. He told me his father was a freedom fighter but the highly educated Bengali I met in India does not recall any freedom fighter with Saha as last name.

One day, when everyone was away for some seminar, the HR manager came to me and told me to come to a room, I knew people were normally brought to, to get fired.

I told her why and she didn’t answer.She won’t go away. It lasted for over an hour.

Partha Saha appeared near the lift door. Apparently he was looking for Alvin Leung, my boss. He was not there. He was ready to leave.

I beckoned to him to come. He assessed the situation immediately and told me “Get a lawyer.”

He came to me. I very lightly held his hand to seek his support. The HR lady left. After that Partha and I went to the break room and he stayed for 10 minutes or so with me having tea.

Soon was the lunch hour. I went out to have light lunch – a salad and soup. It is San Francisco downtown.

When I same back and seated myself in my chair and resumed my work. Very soon two building security showed up and escorted me outside the building.

That was the last day I worked.

My top notch lawyers were told that Partha Saha compained online about that I had lunged and grabbed him against his will as he was just passing by. I was a security threat to employees and the company had to take this drastic step.

A month age I had taken a gun handling course offered for cheap. That also company cited that I was a security threat.

Partha Saha has complained online and it was to remain anonymous.But my lawyers were in the top ten employment lawyers in America, so the company had no choice but to tell them everything.

Probably Patha is still leading a happy contented life.

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