My ideal readers

One who will read Mitsubishi Story under its tab, carefully, Or the one who will read the shortened story on the front page. Will trad it without any bias. Any question, will write to me. And if he or she can change a few minds all the better. We don’t want the majority. It won’t be possible. Just 1% will be good enough. Once we reach that threshold it will be impossible to ignore us. So called experts want war which will destroy India. We have to work hard.

Second group is our brave defense forces. Any war the chance of death goes up, Killing Chinese who suffered gravely under Japan will be horrible.

Others who come to this site are welcome too. They want to know about the low acceptance rate of IIT and topic like that. Sorry I am no interest in that. Important for you but this site is mainly for keeping India safe.

So enjoy. This site is open to all.

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