My biggest mistakes in America and Japan

I went to SIC-Carbondale. Did my MBA and then MSCS. wondered how to get jobs. Wrote to companies I wanted to work for, but rejections. Consulted a resume expert. After a few revisions, he agreed on one. To overcome the disadvantage of not attending a top tier school like the MIT, put my GRE and GMAT scores on my resume so that employers could see that I was good in spite of not attending top schools.

I added those few words. Like

GMAT Quantitative: 56 (likely 99.99%), verbal: 47 (99%)

and stupid things like that.

That was the stupidest mistake I did. I was hired by Americans and Japanese, to harass me. They simple don’t like very smart people. Even Indians in America, most of whom are average didn’t like me. I knew I shouldn’t say such things – people will think I think too much of myself. But let the truth be out. I will give you some more examples where my excellent scores hurt me big. In a couple of companies I was tested on additional stuff, and when they found out that I was excellent on those too, incessant harassment started there too. I will write about Alvin Leung, from Hong Kong, who had an MBA from Kellogg, a top school, my last boss in America, who harassed me just to harass me. And Tu Le, at Option One Mortgage. Or Sumer Johal and Sanjay Dayal at Xamplify. The world is run by mediocre minds and they hate people like me.

I went to USA and Japan after decided to test those countries. In India had heard from many ,Americans are different, its all meritocracy. there. I say nonsense. Many Indians, especially South Indians, will stop reading me after this. Met a guy whose son is in Chicago. He started telling me in America talent is appreciated. I said not always, to be polite. He refused to talk to me, told me talent is appreciated in America, it is a meritocracy in America, and does not want to discuss with me about these facts.

When I see Sunder Pichai, Satya Nadella etc. succeeding in America, I don’t feel jealous of them. They are just doing what their masters want them to do. Good money is the reward. I know how much merit they have (and perhaps they know too.). Good for Americans who would have never hired me.

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