MIT : Monkeys in Trance

When I worked in L and T many of the senior officials had Harvard Business School among the degrees they had received. I was very impressed with their achievements.

It was only later I found that those were of executive programs, offered during Summer terms, admission was virtually open provided they or their companies paid the tuition amount. Most Indian families could live on such an amount for long. I lost my respect for Harvard. Then recently a Chinese guy sued Harvard for admission bias. Harvard won citing they could give admission to anyone they desired. Currently Harvard as no respect from me.

MIT was different. It IIT we learnt it was the ultimate place for learning engineering. I still believe that they accept brilliant students and they are given exceptional education.

Until very recently. I was exposed to Partha Saha, a PhD from MIT, who complained against me falsely to save his job and got my removed from the company. No ethical values.

Then came Sumer Johal, 2 degrees, BS and MS in electrical engineering and computer science. With casual contact with him, I would have guesses him to a lassi boy at Chandigarh. Completely devoid of knowledge of even simple technical stuff.

I wrote to MIT, their alumni association, to provide me with info about Sumer Johal’s degrees from MIT, and the specializations if any. I posed as a media person. Writing blog is media, right?

There has been complete silence from them. Assuming they are overworked, am giving them a few more weeks’ grace period. Until then they are Monkeys in Trance for me, an insignificant person.

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