Long scholarly articles on low growth of India

Oh very very long articles. Oh, I don’t have the patience to read them. On forums (like Quora) sometimes I feel like responding to such articles. My answer used to be simple. “Low IQ” and I used to add that that was the primary reason, other reasons stated might be valid too. (That was just to be polite on the forums.)

So now I am banned by Quora. Nothing new for me. Many years ago I got banned from an animal rights forum. I wrote vegan women should date or marry vegan guys only. That hurt the feelings of most participants who were vegan but were dating mostly hunters.

My guess is that Indians or liberal west hated such comments. The ban will be lifted soon but I feel safer on this site, unless some FIR is filed against me. I read about the FIR filed by a woman against a guy who was staring at her. On second thought likely it was just a prank.

So I will continue writing until the day India carries out a surgical strike on me. No, I will just be ignored. I Japan I met a famous lawyer to ask him that was there a possibility of me getting murdered by Mitsubishi for having sued them. He said they could, but as long as I remain like an insignificant mosquito, they won’t bother. I am thankful for ignoring what I wrote on this site.

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