Karma Again

I am a firm believer in Karma theory. Karma happens not maybe now, bit 100 years from now.

It was my destiny to warn Indians about dangers of “friendship” with Japan. I am not a fan of China, but at the same time feel that they are peace loving. I don’t feel the same about Japan even though I have met many Japanese who are peace loving and I respect them a lot.

Most like the environment in India seems conducive to a war, a prestige war. I don’t want that to happen, thought of blood makes me weak, but I can do only my best. Rest will happen according to grand design God has for us.

Do I will do my best to help you take the right step, but will probably do it till the end of my life and be unsuccessful. It’s okay for me.

Whatever you do is your choice. I respect that. If India’s time is up, let it be. It has survived for thousands of years, maybe it’s curtain time now. So do you things, be happy, things will happen. Corona virus took many lives, we survived. In twenty wears or so earth might become so hot, Indians might die on the streets without any apparent reason. Things happen.

It’s my ego that I think I can change a thing. Who am I? Nobody. So please don’t mind if my writings hurt you a bit. Don’t read them please. That’s not my intention. Good luck.

Listen to expert who are predicting India will be #1 country soon. Be happy. Live life to fullest. India is God’s chosen country.

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