JEE Mathematics 13% passing grade

I few years back was researching JEE and found this ridiculous number. To pass mathematics section one had to score 13% (or 19%).

While American will frown at such a number, the IIT professor will feel proud trying to make India great – by making JEE tough. News of every child committing suicide is like music to him, Goddess Kali is demanding Sacrifice of young kids for India’s greatness.

To score 13%. I thought of opening up a coaching school, that’s what many IITians do. I would advice student not to think and just put zeros all over at random places.

By chance one zero, the correct answer will be at right spot earning them 10 points. Some other random places, it will earn partial credits. 3, 1, 5, 2, 1, 4.

You will get day 1 interview. Will get IIT Bombay computer science department.

Then time to talk about JEE on Newspaper interviews. “I just started studying calculus for 30 minutes for 4 months. Prayed to my teachers and mother, father. Touched their feet. The usual stuff.

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