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Many visitors to this site come looking for JEE, Acceptance rate of IIT, how to go to foreign countries through IIT. In short how the media has painted higher education as, you generally know what to do. This site comes among the top, that’s why you came here, their was no marketing involved, and Google wrongly things that this site is an authority because this has been long in existence and some growth looks organic.


Most of us are proud of JEE. We brag about JEE – how difficult it is, dow selectine IITs are. Let’s keep it to ourselved. I have been to America, Japan, worked with Chinese. Some very smart. To tell you frankly JEE is a very flawed exam. It has become a manipulation tool, mostly used by ruling classes. You will not hear JEE toppers talking about GRE, GRE advanced tests, or more difficult Actuarial exams offered by Society of Actuaries. Ask the JEE toppers to show you their GRE or its ungraduate equivalent SAT scores. Ask them, that’s the way international comparisons are made.

JEE is important though. It is like a spelling bee competition. We see Indian kids 6, 8, 10 years old spelling words which 99.99999999% of the world does not know. JEE questions look difficult if tou have never seen them before. The the IIT professor who wrote that especially tricky guestion, probably died and people remember him as the person who wrote that tricky question. He died contended and happy.

Meanwhile, the coaching schools took over. They analyzed that question, broke that into solvable sections and then Indian kids, right from the age of around 6, started attending the coaching schools for IIT. They can solve that impossible problem. And hoe much that helps their brains. Not much really. I will give you an example of good and bad questions.

  1. GMAT question in data sufficiency section: You deposit $10,000. Interest rate is 7%. How much will get after it matures? Many will answer it is $10,700. Which is incorrect. In one years the answer will be correct, but the time frame is not given, we don’t know it was 1 years, or 10 years. So the correct answer is we don’t know. This is a trick question, and Westerners look down at sucjh questions while IIT JEE looks at this with pride.

2. In IIT Bombay a favorite question when we seniors tried to rag freshmen to pose them a question that was considered to be tricky. You start with (x-a). Multiply that by (x-b). And so on. Multiply by (x-c), then (x-d) and so on. What is the answer.

By this time you know the answer. In India everyone know the answer. Who are preparing for IIT JEE..

Proper way to tackle education crisis in India?

If you are really smart and really want to study sciences without caring for the rewards. Trust me rewards are there. They might not be millions, or even billions of dollars as media has shown you but enough to lead your life comfortably.. The solution is to not study in India – IIT or any other institute.

Study in Western nations, and their above average schools will be the solution. But how will you afford that it takes money. Will talk about that issue in later post.

If you are average minded, can work hard, become like one of those spelling bee champions. Work hard to get admission to IIT, pose yourself as a completely dumb person, it will make your professors happy and soon you will have a job with Google, proud parents, “milky white” wife, or equivalent for girls, good money, in short a “successful” life and you will not know till the end that you have just wasted your life. Nothing against that. You will be better than many in India. For others, smart or truely desirous of science knowledge, a tiny percent of you, advice will come in later post.

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