Japan knows us exactly, we don’t know it at all

If one asks any Bengali who has not been to Japan and asks him what do they think of Indians and especially Netaji. Most of times it would be they think highly of us, we are good in numbers and programming and they appreciate it. And Netaji, they respect him and (perhaps worship) him.

Ask a Bihari what do they think of Biharis in Punjab. Oh, they respect Biharis and think highly of them.

Ask an Indian in America. They will respond that they are professionals, talent is respected there and they respect Indians.

Modern times the masters have learnt that it is always better to talk softly when one wants to get work done by the slaves.

Indians are easily taken in. Because we believe in non-sense.

I went to Kathmandu two years ago. I asked them there are so many whites there. Seems like they love Nepal. They answered no, they come to Nepal because it is cheaper. Student on low -budget mostly. Richer Europeans mostly go to Europe for climbing mountains. Only the hardcore junta who wants to climb the highest mountain or something similar go to Nepal. Otherwise it is all Europe for them.

A few years back Obama came to India. That time I was talking to shopkeepers in Delhi. They seemed sure that Obama loved Indian cuisine and sings to Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye. It is difficult to argue with Indians.

Indian think Japanese love Indians. Japan killed millions in China, Korea. without any provocation. But we think we are special. Self delusion to the extreme.

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