Japan in Port Blair

A couple of years ago was in Port Blair. One way flight ticket from Patna Port Blair for Rs 4,300 via Kolkata stop for a couple of hours, was tempting.

Once I took a bus to the stop I wanted to go. It required asking a few people, they knew and told me the it was on way and bus will stop there if I tell the driver to stop there.

The bus dropped me there. It required about 5 minutes of walk from the main road.

There was a main building, was told I bigger one is planned. A wall with names printed on them. Behind that an angan with about 40 elevated places to seat.

Was told when the Japanese invaded Andaman Nichobar islands, they rounded up 40 young men in the night, charged them of being British spies, seated them there, and shot them point blank.

An lady, about 70, was in the bus. She had brought a flower with her. She told me she visits the place often and there they can’t forget that incident.

Indian media is making sure we forget that incident. Netaji ‘ruled’ the islands briefly, and that incident took place during his rule.

Port Blair is an interesting place. We can see the true picture of British and the Japanese there, just a few kilometers apart..

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