Japan has different ethics

People are surprised to know how badly it treated its POWs. Americans, Chinese, Koreans and others were mistreated to the extend unthinkable.

Azad forces consisted of 25,000 defeated army personnel. For Japanese they were as good as dead. But the arrival of Bose gave them some other options. Use them for propaganda against the British. So an ‘army’ was created. An inexperienced Netaji was made in-charge of that army. It was a joke for Japan because their lives didn’t matter.

I have seen several movies in recent past. They are shown to be brave, and chopping up heads of British and people felt proud. I guess some Japanese money in funding of those movies. It will be difficult to trace that, Japanese know how to do it, especially in a corrupt country like India.

Majority of the soldiers died in Burma, Myanmar. Stuck in swamp, starving, they died horrible deaths. Hardly any mention of them. In contrast we remember 20 brave soldiers who died recently, and that card will be used till eternity.

Anyway, Japan treated the POWs cruelly. People are surprised such nice people, why are they so cruel. Niceness does not equate politeness in Japan’s case. They appear to be the politest people in the world, but they are extremely cruel.

It does not mean one should avoid them. Many of them are really nice. I will encourage you to make friends with them. In case of big companies like Mitsubishi, be extra careful when turning your back to them.

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