Japan – an ally or a foe

What a silly question. Everybody knows, especially Bengalis, that Japan is India’s best friend for ever. They built a status of Rabindra Nath Tagore in their famous Sakura garden, Netaji guided their military in their war to keep Asia for Asians, Japanese forces came with Netaji and kicked away British so that India got independence, they are India’s all-weather friends, and so humble.

Historians say that Japan was fed up of backwardness of the Chinese and to teach them lesson attacked them. More than 1 crore Chinese dead and over 2 lakh Chinese women raped and then brutally killed. It happens. Wars happen, and people die. Why blame the Japanese for that. If Chinese were developed Japan won’t have attacked them. It is entirely China’s fault. They cannot be trusted. We all know about the Covid where it came from. China’s concentration is solely on India. They want to beat India and their desperation shows.

In the very same Hong King and Singapore, where the Japanese found the Chinese disgustingly backward, there were Indian traders too. Their economic status was same as or less that the Chinese. Japanese didn’t find Indians disgusting and killed them!

In his movie, Shyam Benegal, showed that Japan made India friend because of Buddha. Buddha was not even an Indian, and what about million of things Japan stole from China. Their script, the Kanjis arrived from China. I was talking to a Chinese girl about tea ceremony in Japan, she said they have tea ceremony in China too. So they are shamelessly copying Japan there too.

To continue with the holy alliance India should declare Japan its master on 75th anniversy of Independence. By 100 years, we should be all Japanese-owned. All countries surrounding Japan know it, none of them trust Japan, but India is stupid, really stupid, they think.

I must be lying. People in India have refused to believe my tale of harassment by the Japanese. I have to go in hiding when meting Bengalis. I wrote to a Bengali professor at JNU recently that Netaji died killed by Japanese. He is still in shock, I think.

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