Iyengar in America

The Iyengar guy was coming from India. We got the news. He came, and he was young. Recovered, no jet lag, and got ready to dine out in a few hours..

Carbondale had a nice pizza restaurant. Pagliai’s Pizza. Praveen Mathur and I had been to that place on several prior occasions. We decided to go there for our dinner. The Iyengar guy came with us.

I ordered onion, bell pepper and perhaps mushroom toppings. The same standard for me. Praveen ordered his usual. Now time for Iyergar guy to order.

No wastage of time for him. Beef topping. I was surprised. Thought he ordered because he didn’t know the meaning of beef. Seemed like he knew very well. When I explained to him do you know what is beef? Cow. I think I stressed it a bit.

The Iyengar boy answered, “I know. But since I plan to stay in America for 2 years or more, thought it would be easier I started eating beef as early as possible.

He ordered. The beef topped pizza arrived and he ate it like he was used to it.

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