Internet reveals the dark secret

When I sued Mitsubishi in Japan, it made big news, Nihon Sendia Shimbun covered it – over 3 crore copies. NHK, Japan’s official channel, most watched , during its evening news, covered me visually, I was shown for a few seconds commenting on the case.

India wire services and ambassador and his staff, can’t have missed it. But in India there was no news.

After the war, Japan was hated by its countries around it. I would say that it was most likely welcome news to have it Atom bombed. There are serious implications, but any event to stop those crazy butchers devils, was a welcome news. for many

Japan worked on India’s population. Bribing a little to the news media, government corrupt officials was the keys.

In India news was shown as West’s horrible treatment of Japan. I saw last movie of Satyajit Ray where Utpal Dutt describes the dropping of A-bombs on Japan as one of humanity’s evil deeds. Rape and murder of 300,000 women in Nanking is forgotten, and so is the cruel tortures at camp 731. In some circles it is described as a small side effect of war. War happens, such rapes, no big deal,

All good news from Japan. Over time media has done its job for a small fee. Now Indians have positive view of Japan. Japan is smiling. Indians are ready to die for Japan and its honor.

Indian politicians, nobody talks about Japan, a few hundred or thousand crore rupees for the party does its magic. For Indian technical workers Rs 1.5 crore package is the key.

All the countries around Japan have become prosperous. Judgement day might be arriving. But Japan has no worries, With entire India at its service, Indian defense forces working for it, it can rest calmly.

Even Modiji, for a couple of Bullet trains, can be kept in control.

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