Indians hate Indians like me – who prove Americans and Japanese are stupid

Indians don’t like people like me. A partial list of my scores upsets them. I haven’t shown some scores – one GRE where I had 98% on verbal, and one GRE advanced in computer science where I had a 91% after very limited exposure. During my days in the USA, during my first semester I had two IIT Kanpur graduates as roommates. They couldn’t digest the fact that I had a fellowship by business school. Alter much planning they told me that their friend from IIT Kanpur had rejected fellowship offer by SIUC. Bad luck for them, the friend had left SIUC’s letter in the car. I read the letter and the reality was known. Vivek and Deva never brought that topic abain.

I have seen often IITians bring up some story of someone, who has scored higher on GRE or GMAT. Partha Saha, PhD MIT, when informed about the MIT guy I had encountered earlier appeared to be totally ignorant, resorted that he has checked with his friends and he was very good and they had kind nothing but praise for him. Of course me being me, I checked directly with MIT office presenting them with facts, and the reality is becoming

Earlier I wrote about a young Bengali studying at Berkeley. Just a simple sentence from me,” I was in Japan. Mitsubishi harassed me there.” was enough to make his angry. He gave me a mini lecture on how Mitsubishi was the kindest and gentlest company in the world and I was a liar for making false accusation. All without knowing what I had to say. South Indians, having made some money from America, will not hear anything against Americans.

So much love for Caucasians and Japanese! Remarkable.

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