Indians and the art of false modesty

Last week visited Quora forum (yes, my ban has again been lifted after mandatory 2 weeks.) There was a post by an IITian saying how unsuccessful he has been in life. Others joined him stating that he was not so unsuccessful. People were tried to console him. I had posted something, so he answered to me. He had been unsuccessful because he was placed 19th on the UPSC exam and is an IAS officer now.That was his response.

That response is very common in India. Something similar is I am doing this disgusting thing this time, but normally I do something better.

In AC 2 class I have met co-passengers who start saying, ” Normally I don’t travel by train, Air ticket was almost confirmed but blah blah blah.”

On my trip trip to hill station, was coming back to Delhi by Shatabdi Executive class. Journey was comfortable, timing convenient. The passenger sitting on the opposite side of the table started saying.” Normally I take flight from Dehradun to Delhi, but blah blah blah.” I pretended to be sleepy.

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