Indian engineer’s solution to homeless problem

Last time was in the USA, was able to get a room in a youth hostel in Downtown San Francisco for a night before I moved back to Oakland. $80 for a night.

Morning I got up. Came out, see people moving around like Zombies. No, no Skylag, no Zombies, just normal San Francisco people, poor, and on drugs.

Nobody had warmed be about them. US newspapers and internet media – deep silence.

Went to Oakland. Homeless, live on buses. $20 a month for monthly pass, unlimited rides. They take the buses all day long, then sleep at the bus stop. Bet you didn’t know about this.

Once a young staff from our Bangalore office has arrived. I took him to Berkeley. He saw a few homeless people sleeping outside Downtown Berkeley Bart station, blurted out as,” Why can’t the US government buy and give them a house free to solve this problem.”

That made me laugh, I had not laughed so much in America over years. His comment made my day. Free houses for the homeless in America.

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