Heads you lose, tails I win

Option One (part of H&R Block) stopped giving me work after I wrote to the CEO that I had the correct forecasts. Tu Le transferred me to SiSing Leung. No work was given to me for over a year. Finally I was fired and I found a lawyer. It was my right to choose the arbitrator, but the lawyer manipulated me to choose the arbitrator himself. The arbitrator was an ex-company lawyer and my suspicion was she was got doing to let me win.

An IITian guy, PhD from Michigan, testified against me. Very standard practice of Indians in the USA. Luckily for me, a black colleague testified that what I was claiming was true. The company lawyer could not do anything about him.

Finally the arbitrator ruled that my dismissal was unfair and I would be given loss of salary. She didn’t find and racial discrimination and I did not win any damages.

Final win and loss counts were:

My lawyer: + His legal fee: about $100,000 (if I had lost, he would not have gotten anything

Arbitrator: + her fee of about $30,000

Company : – my lawyer’s fee + arbitrator’s fee + their lawyer’s fee = $200,000-300,000 loss my guess

I : award for loss of wages (award came to around $4,000) – photocopying of documents ($4,000 lawyer did the photocopying) – missing job for about 10 days at my new workplace) = 0 (and loss of holidays)Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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