Don’t know SAS (again)

Job an interview call for a SAS job. The interview was brutal. It required knowledge of SAS from an operating person’s view. Not only was I rejected the interviewer called my recruiting company to inform me that I was not qualified. (89% and 94% on SAS’s exam in spite of).

I was reminded of a Justin at Cashcall. From Korea. When I joined Cashcall the VP told me that Justin didn’t know any SAS though he had mentioned that on his resume.

I thought him the basics so that he had manageable skills.

Later he left the company and I met him in LA. He was working somewhere with a high salary. Working in SAS.

During this interview process I thought of him. Yes, he was working at the very same company I was rejected for not knowing SAS. Perhaps knew the interviewer.Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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