IISc Professor’s evaluation

 Mumbai gets half of top 100 JEE rankers. How is this possible? And what happens to them after 4 years? I did poorly at IIT, but after a few years did well (among the best in world) both in subject and general subject areas. What happened to the toppers? They mysteriously became dumbed down? Some outside tracking will help solve this. Mumbai candidates are cheating. 

My rank was 250 and I scored avout 150 raw. Topper got around 270. How is that possible? And what happened to them afterwards. I got a 91%ile on computer science equaling Standford incoming PhD students after a few courses. Can toppers do that without cheating?

These topped must have gotten 99.999999%iles. Cheaters. Taking advantage of various loopholes. Duplicate birthdates, repeating courses, doing PhD before joining B.Tech programs. Giving me hard time. Because of them I did badly in IIT. Given proper education I could be among the top scientist in the world, but I had to just manage.

In most fields, interviews in India are for  nepotism. Why do we need interviews for IAS etc. So that connected people can become IAS, IFS.

In IIT interviews are ruled out. So people resort to other form of cheating.Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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