Incognito Manohar Parrikar

When I read in IIT news letters, Manohar Parrikar became the Chief Minister of Goa I wondered who he was. I didn’t know most of the IITians so I can be excused but what about the rest.

In recent years, Rajesh Gupta, who was in metallurgy department from 1973-78, in same depatment as Manohar Parrikar’s, and used to attend most classes, asked me seriously “was Manohar Parrikar with me.”

And there was Rajeev Bhateja who found out from his sources that once he was the mess seretary at IIT, wrote to us something like success in life does not depend upon your success at IIT. (I was once a mess secretary at Hostel 7, the only office I held, and I was elected unopposed and my career route followed exactly the same pattern thoughout.)

If I saw him in Goa partying I wouldn’t have recognized him at all. Maybe he would have preferred it that way.

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