Importance of IIT

Decades after we graduated from one of IITs, that has continued to remain a major part of our lives. Some part of it is understandable, but mostly it is an unhealthy obsession.

A few times I went to Rajiv Bhateja’s house in Palo Alto. There were other IITians around. Several times we talked about very minute things related to our Bombay campus.

I remember there was a quiz contest on one occasion. What was the name of our hostel dog? I had forgotten that we had a dog.

It is nice to have concern for things around us, but we exceed it on many occasions.

Most remember their precise JEE ranks. I know mine was something like 250. Or 256. Or 251. Who cares? IITians and the rest of India cares. Their GRE scores which are more important in the USA? We won’t even discuss that.

I guess nowadays it is the net worth. A billionaire? At least a few hundred millions?

What have we become?

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