IITian success – One

I am writing from my memory. Information might have become obsolete, please keep that in mind.

My classmate Rakesh Mathur had a huge house near Saratoga? He had sold Junglee to Amazon for $300 million shared with 3 others. I went to his house once, everything was very expensive. I was wearing a colorful holi t-shirt, Rajiv Bhateja looked disapprovingly at it and commented didn’t you have anything better to wear. There was a professor from IIT explaining how IITs are better than MIT. I think there was purohit too, preparing for some wealth prayer.

I went to another room all by myself. It had expensive items. If I could smuggle just one of them, my life would been made. The tall, muscular guy who looked like the an Afgani carrying a machine gun like AK 47, with a mean look,, entered the room, so he had a purpose he was not there to listen to our IIT stories, I was alone, he was alone, if he disposed me, nobody would have even noticed. I smiled and left the room.

Rakesh Mathur was my classmate at IIT Bombay. His father was a professor at IIT Bombay. Being of suspicious nature, I think it is possible that some of his father’s friends told him about the hot projects of the moment that could be sold to Amazon. They couldn’t tell it to the others obviously, I suppose.

Ignore me. Just like I said in a different post Narendra Karmarkar had done IIT courses earlier, perhaps at Fergusson College at Pune, was merely repeating tham in IIT, ignore them. Insanity is my best defence. I am like your disgruntled uncle, unsuccessful and critical of everyone.

Well back to the boring stuff. My salary, taxes, price of potatoes at Costco, and similar items, in a later post to explain why Rs 1.5 crore rupees package is great or not.

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