IIT vs MIT Revisited

Some visitors to my site come looking for comparison between IIT and MIT. I thought the matter should have been resolved long time ago.

MIT is rated by most rating agencies in the top 10 engineering schools. The same rating agencies rate IITs in 200s, 300s, 400s or lower.

Many Indians are proud of IITs. It’s one of the institutes of India they can brag about. Its low acceptance rate, billionaire graduates ,academic rigor. The CBS’s 60 minutes program on IITs is a classic. By the way I have the full transcript of that on my original site http://www.kamalsinha.com

But the fact remains is that IITs are factories to develop technical professionals for the developed world. There also some doubts remain. Plain B.Tech. from IIT is generally not considered good enough. One has to do further work in the USA – obtaining masters of PhD – to be considered complete.

So the entire world smiles when they hear that IITs are comparable to MIT. Some exceptions are there – I have worked with MIT graduates who were fakes, But for the most part the word IITian means good-for-nothing braggart to me. Sorry.

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