Ignore me, it’s okay.

You will likely ignore my warning about the Japanese. For decades you have been exposed to propaganda, you can’t help it but to think of Japanese as your friend. I checked the history and found that Cassandra was in similar situation. She warned people about the Trojan horses, and it would have taken people just a few minutes to check on what she was talking about. She was saying that there might be soldiers hiding in those large wooden horses. People just laughed at her.

Therefore, I don’t worry. I have done my duty. Will warn for some more time and then will rest. Your destinies I can’t change. And who are you to me? Just nothing. We all will die one day.

I might be extending what I can do. I have to pass on what I observed. Some smart people, there was one in my class, he bought my book (now free on this site) and I believe he believes what I say. Most of my classmates didn’t read the book and declared that I was lying. I don’t mind.

Just ignore me. A sign of stupidity which is so common among Indians. I don’t have an agenda. Am just passing time. Thanks for reading.

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