IAS -is this very selective?

An IITian batchmate appeared for the UPSC exam and one day I saw his name on the front page of the newspaper – “IITian placed 4th in all India.” I was surprised and happy for him. He was studying in IIT Madras, so traveled to the IIT campus to meet him. No, not from USA or even from Bombay. I was working in Madras branch of L and T.

He had come first in the Civil engineering department, which didn’t impress me much and I wondered later what one has to do in interview to rank so high.

Earlier I have written (check under the tab) how IIM-Ahmedabad rejected me by giving me a failing grade in the Interview (1,1,1,1,2 out of 5 each). In their CAT I would have done exceptionally well. Do interviews make a difference. It just brings out charges of unfairness.

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