Huawei Blacklisted

USA made the claim that the data can be stolen through some backdoor. They tried hard could not prove a thing. Does not matter, they banned Huawei.

Reminds me to several decades ago when I was studying computer science. I scored about the highest in courses, in GRE advanced scored a very high score. it seemed like I was unstoppable. What to do?

The department had a redneck professor. Some girl and her boyfriend cheated. He put the blame on me and made life miserable for me. My computer studies was stopped since then.

Later they needed SQL programmers, so I was pushed into a mediocre life after that.

Back to Huawei, US thought they will destroy Huawei by making stupid allegation. Huawei is much more resourceful than I was, and it has the backing of China. The fight will be rigorous.

Sunder Pichai also did the work a trained dog is supposed to do. Problem is that Huawei is recovering. Nightmares for Sunder Pichai.

Here also Indians will try to attack me. Bad luck, academics are better than that of other Indians. They will attack something else. I see Indians attack Huawei for 5G, I know the real enemies.

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