Homeschooling is popular in the USA. Once I took a graduate level course in Topology at UC, Berkeley, There were two young brothers, who was their and did well. Their father was a professor there and believed that his sons can learn better in homeschooling.

In India, most of the time, mothers have their talents wasted in making perfectly round chapatis. It’s a serious wold, not for fickle minded, but helping your kids in sciences, girls especially, could be emotionally satisfying.

Please read everything about home schooling. Top universities take their students and ambitious parents have a chance to be active in their children’s exucation.

Again, it is serious task. If you are up to this, go research, explore the pros and cons, I don’t know much about this, but be glad to people get away from the rotten education system in India.

Once I took a course, Real Analysis, with Gita Gopinath. She excelled in it. (So did I;)). She later went to Princeton, and then taught at Harvard for years. She is how the chief economist of World Bank. Google’s head of research was a woman, Fair Isaac’s head of research was a woman. At IIT there was a single woman in our batch, and we, including me, believed women are inferior in mathematics and sciences. Abroad they are getting fairer chances. Unless you want them to be child producing machines like you.

Homeschooling is open to all. All us non-elites, should explore this.

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