Has Dr. Subramanian Swamy lost it -completely?

Had respect for Dr. Subramanian Swamy . He was a professor at Harvard. And the fact that he studied at Indian Statistical Institude, Kolkata, a place I was recommended to go by my mathematics teacher Nandi sir, and I probably should have gone instead of that shitty supplier of labor to developed nations that is called IIT, only increased my respect for him.

Had never watched him earlier on TV, was mostly abroad, in the USA, where India is hardly covered. Still I had deep respect for him. Thought at least there is one politician who is smart and honest, some one I can look up to. Earlier in America when I read about Narayana Murthy of Infosys, how he led a spartan life, spent his wealth on charity, and even his wife Sudha Murthy was not behind him, I felt a sense of pride. And the mention of simple Honda car he owned, made me happy because I owned a similar Honda car.

Later I researched him and to my dismay found him and Sudha Murthy to be like most Indian businesspersons.

In case of Swamy things will turn out differently I told to myself.

About 10 days ago saw I YouTube video where he was featured. He claimed that India just need to grow at 10% for 12 years, or 12% for 10 years, to equal China. Didn’t make sense. Didn’t think about that much.

Then again got a chance to watch an interview on YouTube. He was interviewed by a moderately successful channel owner. From Mr. Swamy understood that

  1. China is basically assembling parts it gets from Taiwan and Singapore. India can easily beat it.
  2. In defense he praised US planes and wish India had them.

Seems like Indian politicians are in their familiar beggar mentality again. He looked very pathetic when he was saying these to someone who does not count. He should keep some dignity even while losing.

He is about 80. years old. Very articulate but I can sense his frustration. He came back to India to help India become a superpower.

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