Gurjar: The missing topper

Narendra Karmarkar was our gold medalist. He was behind Gurjar in the initial semesters. Not by much but still behind Gurjar. Both were in electrical engineering department, 1978 batch.

They were neck to neck. Gurjar, once in a while got a B which made the difference between him and Karmarkar narrower.

End of ninth semester. Both tied up at around 9.86. (In comparison I was around 6.86 or slightly above. First division though. )

Last semester. In a course Karmarkar got his usual A grade, Gurjar got a B. Karmarkar beat Gurjar by the narrowest margin and received the gold medal. Later he went to UC, Berkeley to do his masters, came first in class there, I saw printed his name on their wall,and then to CalTech to do his PhD and then became world famous.

Gurjar, did an U-turn. Instead of continue with electrical engineering or computer science, he opted for IIM Ahmedabad. That shocked us a lot.

At IIM I assume that he did okay. But it was Sanjay Bhargava’s territory. Sanjay got the gold medal. I haven’t heard about Gurjar since then.

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