Gourab Majumdar, IIT D, your lead at Mitsubishi

I am old enough to understand Indian minds. You have come to this site not to read my racial discrimination tale, I told my hostel mates in 2013 in Hostel Seven, this story in brief, and they listened to my brief tale, and were not interested. I gave my books to the chanceller or director, dean, and they were not interested. I gave it to a few – Shyam Maniyar, Rajesh Gupta, V.P. Baligar, and they didn’t read it.

When younger, I would have been upset. Now now though. I leave it up to your destiny. Meanwhile, for those seeking job leads at Mitsubishi, will try to help you.

Gaurab Majumdar for you should be a good lead. He is Bengali, studied at IIT Delhi, and later in Japan, married a Japanese woman, worked throughout for Mitsubishi Electric. He came to meet me to convince me not to fight Mitsubishi and accept some gifts in exchange.

I think he might be used by Mitsubishi to select engineers from India. Therefore, instead, if you break the line and contact you ahead of others, it might help you.

It would be better if you are not married. The company and he might try to find you a suitable match in the company. This way company can trust you, and you will be happy. My colleague from Todai, Shinya Fushimi, found his wife at the workplace, and that came out to be good for him. Company likes people with stable love lifes. Not me.

It helps to be a Bengali but others are catching up fast. Indians catch up fast.

Salaries are not as high as in America, but if they like you, they will let you work insanely long hours, and overtime at 1.5 times the regular salary simply adds up. No time to spent money helps.

There is a statue of Rabindra Nath there. It was built by Indian immigrants there. There is a festival for watching Sakura – don’t forget to watch it.

Just contact Gaurab Majumdar and see things fly. Hope time spent on this site was useful for you.

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