Funny things in Berkeley

I think it is time to reveal what I saw at Xamplify. Nobody will read it so I am safe. Some will read it but will not believe it so I am safe. Risking my life is low risk now so I will take a chance.

One might I was working late in the company. Normally I worked late but that night stayed very late. Then went to sleep on my chair. My eyes were opened up by the Fax machine opening up, printing a page, and became silent again. Was curious who will send Fax at that time.

Went to FAX machine. The FAX was addressed to Bob Oliver and it was from CIA/FBI (I forgot exactly from whom). It had a list of about 5 names, names and some small details about them.

I didn’t panic. Put the paper back as it was exactly, took my backpack and left immediately.

I came out, was on Milvia Street going towards University Road, hardly 2-3 minutes away from the front entrance of the company. There I saw Bob Oliver, walking briskly towards the company from the opposite direction.

I ignored him. No interaction. I tried to forget the names on the list, and forgot them.

Didn’t tell anybody about that. Bob Oliver thought of paying me my medical expenses, so I have high regard for him. What that email was for, and what was Bob Oliver’s role in that is still unknown to me.

Some things in life better stay unknown.

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