Few exceptions in Bihar

In a previous post mentioned that all in Bihar are like animals but as further thought want to modify that. I have found people in Bihar who are decent, albeit they are in minority. They tried to help me when asked. Like the students at Vipassana near Patna Junction. They advised me properly about my situation.

My friend Amol Gokhale, a material science professor at IIT Bombay, remarked to me once that he knows a few people from Bihar. and they don’t want to go back.

For other honest people, that will be my sincere advice – get out of Bihar as soon as possible. Bihar is turning towards a living hell. Get out. For other honest persons, who want to remain in Bihar and serve Bihar, my advice will be to cautious.

Bihar in general has no law and order, no ethical values, and I think God is going to punish it in a way unthinkable.

Wish I could say better things about Bihar.

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