Family in India

We Indians like to remind others that unlike West where everyone is for themselves, in India we care for the family. Daughter in law giving up job to take care of mother in law is one of the examples . Of course we all know the story of Shravan Kumar, who carried his blind parents everywhere and was killed by Lord Rama’s father by mistake. That story is in one way core to the entire story of Rama.

We talk about how children cared about their parents. Especially to the Westerns.

In modern India how is it. I saw a video a few years before covid, where a son takes his old mother to the roof, and things look like he pushed her to death from there. Just caught because of the CCTV on the stairs.

Is this what India offers. My experience is that in Bengal and South India that will be unimaginable. There is deep respect for parents there.

But in Bihar, UP, and similar states. I would have the norm would be to kill mothers and fathers if possible. The property is one of the factors. Many mothers own property – worth a lot. In states like Bihar the man is not a man if he has not killed his mother, raped a few months old girl child.

Is there a relation between Nitish Kumar opening up a bridge built for a few hundred crores, built over a few years, collapsing within a month, and countless killing and rapes in Bihar.

Whom will I support – Bihar or China – if India and China go to war.

I give Bihar some 20 years to survive. Then it is likely that it will be killing of mother, father, elder brother,any one in sight. And child girl above 2 months old wont be spared. I have seen some mafia movies on Netflix, Amazon’s Mirzapur, and Gangs of Wasseypur. They all fall short on depiction of reality there.

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