Facing reality is much better

Dr. Swamy was saying the other day that China takes assembled products from Taiwan and one more country and repackages them and sells them to the world.

I think that he has been fed nonsense by his masters – the Japanese.

Japanese think that a war – not now but in about 20 years is a possibility. If India believe that China is weak, they will be more prepared to fight.

All Indian politicians are in the pockets of Japan, especially Mitsubishi. My lawsuit was not reported in India. Just think.

Bur why does Modi need any money? He has no choldren, leads a simple life. Modi has many ‘apparent’ childern.

First of all his party BJP needs money – lots of it. On occasional gift of a few thousand crore rupee will help a lot.

Then he wants to be known as the PM that used technology to uplift India to developed status. Japan has told him and India needs to be developed to counter China and Japan will help him to do so.

Bullet trains will be a token symbol of that developed status. It will not be practical and will run on huge losses but Modi does not care. He wants those bullet trains.

Some low level technology transfer will be there.

China is just wondering what’s going on. They will be patient but they feel that mood in India is so bad that even the next PM and MEA might not be better.

I put them in slightly tough spot. I should not be gloating. Am sure the Indian government is thinking of something. Mitsubishi caught within its pants down, is embarrassing to Indian government especially.

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