Facing reality for Indians

I still get visitors to my old site http://kamalsinha.com looking for answer to whether IIT is better, or MIT?

I have not answered clearly so likely most don’t return.

If one is asking questions like that – is India developed. how long will it take us to beat China, when will India come the 3rd largest economy, and so on, I say get a reality grip.

Only when we understand the dire situation our country is in, we will be able to do more.

When QUAD was formed and India, a very underdeveloped country was invited with three other developed countries – USA, Japan, and Australia – is this because that think India has arrived, or some other reason?

In the movie, Netaji Bose – the forgotten hero – directed by brilliant director Shyam Senegal, a still remember a scene where Bose asked why he selected, and the Japanese answered,” We respect Indians. Buddha came from your country.” Anybody believes that Japanese thought way, despite killing and raping millions in China from which they have borrowed almost everything, deserved the fate they get from Japan.

Indians will have to understand their strength and their weaknesses. Full understanding of self is the key to survival.

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